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Man Of Tai Chi (2013)

Director: Keanu Reeves

Year of Release: july 2013

Running time: 1..13min


Music Video

Gedda Headz - Spaced Out

Written & Directed by Jean-Julien Pous

Year of production: 2009

Running Time: 3.25 min


Beach Spike (2011)

Director: Tony Tang

Year of release: 2011

Running time: 1:.03 min

The Boy That Got Away - In Memory Of You (Official Video)

Written & Directed by Egill Bjarki
Year of Production: 2015

Running time: 4:12




Jonathan Wong - Fighting For

Written and Directed by The Lars Brothers

Year of production 2014

Running Time: 4:37

Wham / Glee version- Last Christmas
(Make a Wish Foundation)

Directed by David Masakuni, Napoleon Lin and Albert Pong

Year of production 2016

Running Time: 3:46

The Ventilator (2015) -Trailer

Director: Elena Sagresti

Year of release: 2015 (Venice Film Festival)

Running time: 2:26 min


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